About Shu.aniri

Shu.aniri is a modified version of the artist’s real name: Irina Schulz.

Irina aspired to become a character designer at the very beginning of her creative path, hence the vivid interest in the human figure. With a growing passion for traditional art, the idea of character design transformed into a passion for genre painting. This idea is fueled by renaissance art and the complex task of telling a story without words. In our present time, the individual is at the center of our attention. Everyone has got a story to tell. Another passion is the depiction of scenery, where the landscape or architecture become the main characters. The first commercial project was the cover art for the dystopian indie novel “Brink of Insanity: Am Rande des Wahnsinns” (German language) by Elena Bork, published in 2018.

Portrait of Irina


  • Watercolor
  • Graphite & Charcoal

Events & Competitions

  • Hahnemühle Calendar Competition 2021


Without a formal education, it is crucial which individual tutors help an artist develop an artistic vision and superb skill. There is always an opportunity to grow.

  • Intensive art class (school)
  • Life drawing (human figure) – Andrej Dugin, Freie Kunstschule Stuttgart
  • Portraits in Watercolor (6-week online course, part-time) – Polina Ishkhanova
  • Drawing Portraits 3.0 (10-week online course, part-time) – Polina Ishkhanova