About Shu.aniri

Shu.aniri is a modified version of my real name: Irina Schulz.

I was born in Siberia on a snowy New Year’s Eve, but I spent a quarter-century in Germany, because my ancestors were actually German. And Russian. And Latvian. And I have a miraculous gene, which can turn my pale yellow skin into a Mediterranean tan in about two weeks.

My creative path started in early childhood, gained experience at school, where I took the A-level course in art, but then deteriorated. During the last year of my Master’s course in textile management, which I spent among aspiring designers and creative people, I got back on track. It was then that I started sketching and painting digitally.

The first big project was the cover art for the dystopian indie novel “Brink of Insanity: Am Rande des Wahnsinns” (German language) by Elena Bork.

I expanded into watercolors in August 2017, exactly the day that I handed in the written copy of my thesis. Soon I became addicted to the dynamics and vibrancy of this medium for life.

In 2020 I took up oil painting. A new exciting journey has begun for myself.

My favorite subjects are people. Portraits and situations where the human being is involved make up most of my portfolio.

If you have any questions, please use the contact form on this website.

Portrait of Irina


I’m mainly self-taught through books, YouTube and Skillshare, so I hope to add to this list in 2020:

  • Intensive art class (school)
  • Life drawing (human figure) – Andrej Dugin, Freie Kunstschule Stuttgart (ongoing)

Random Trivia

  • I speak German, Russian and English fluently, Italian at a decent level and I can understand and speak Portuguese a little.
  • Due to my birth date, I never had a birthday party (and I’m NOT sad about it).
  • I dreamt of becoming an archaeologist, but the job prospects scared me off.
  • I can watch my favorite movies over and over, but I hate watching TV shows. So don’t ask me about Game of Thrones or anything of that sort.
  • I remember only one year of my life which I spent without a cat. Cats are happiness on 4 legs!
  • My favorite book is “Master & Margarita” by Bulgakov in Russian.
  • I shudder at the sight of snails and I’m scared of heights, even though I think that last fear can be worked on.
  • I hate chocolate and Nutella, but you can bribe me with gummy bears and Raffaellos.
  • I don’t drink much, but I mix excellent cocktails!