About Shu.aniri

Shu.aniri is a modified version of my real name: Irina Schulz.

I was born in Siberia on a snowy New Year’s Eve, but I spent a quarter-century in Germany, because my ancestors were actually German. And Russian. And Latvian. And I have a miraculous gene, which can turn my pale yellow skin into a Mediterranean tan in about two weeks. My university degrees say that I’m supposed to be an expert on management, marketing and selling textile production. But there is one thing that I love more than organizing processes and selling stuff: painting.

My intensive creative path started in 2016, during the last year of my Master’s course in textile management, which I spent among aspiring designers and creative people. It was then that I started sketching and painting digitally.

The first big project back then was the cover art for the dystopian indie novel “Brink of Insanity: Am Rande des Wahnsinns” (German language) by Elena Bork.

I expanded into watercolors in August 2017, on the afternoon of the day that I handed in the written copy of my thesis. Soon I became addicted to the dynamics and vibrancy of this medium for life.

I work as a manager in digital marketing for a medium-sized fashion company where I also take care of several social media accounts. I also used to work in a digital consulting company, so my knowledge regarding social media is not just deducted from my own experience. That’s why I also want to share valuable tips and tricks, which I learned throughout my career.

If you have any questions, please use the contact form on this website.

Portrait of Irina


I’m mainly self-taught through books, YouTube and Skillshare, so I hope to add to this list in 2020:

  • Intensive art class (school)
  • Life drawing (human figure) – Andrej Dugin, Freie Kunstschule Stuttgart (ongoing)

Random Trivia

  • I speak German, Russian and English fluently, Italian at a decent level and I can understand and speak Portuguese a little.
  • Due to my birth date, I never had a birthday party (and I’m NOT sad about it).
  • I dreamt of becoming an archaeologist, but the job prospects scared me off.
  • I can watch my favorite movies over and over, but I hate watching TV shows. So don’t ask me about Game of Thrones or anything of that sort.
  • I remember only one year of my life which I spent without a cat. Cats are happiness on 4 legs!
  • My favorite book is “Master & Margarita” by Bulgakov in Russian.
  • I shudder at the sight of snails and I’m scared of heights, even though I think that last fear can be worked on.
  • I hate chocolate and Nutella, but you can bribe me with gummy bears and Raffaellos.
  • I don’t drink much, but I mix excellent cocktails!