About Shu.aniri

Shu.aniri is a creative alter ego of the German artist Irina Schulz, who holds a formal education in business, but found her passion in art. From the start of her artistic journey, Irina aspired to be a character designer, which sparked her fascination with the human figure. Over time, her passion for traditional art grew, and her focus shifted towards genre painting. Inspired by renaissance art, she embraces the challenge of conveying stories without words.

In the present day, Irina centers her art around individuals and their unique stories. Every person has a tale to share. Additionally, she finds joy in capturing landscapes and architecture, where the scenery takes center stage, becoming the main characters in her artwork. Through her creative pursuits, Irina weaves narratives that captivate the imagination and speak volumes without uttering a single word.

Irina’s first commercial project was the cover art for the dystopian indie novel “Brink of Insanity: Am Rande des Wahnsinns” (German language) by Elena Bork, published in 2018.

Irina takes commissions on special requests, working mainly on her original art, which nowadays can be found in several private collections. Currently, she creates her artwork in “Atelier Shu.Aniri” located in her hometown Heilbronn, in the South-West of Germany.

Portrait of Irina


  • Watercolor
  • Graphite & Charcoal
  • Oil

Events & Competitions

  • Hahnemühle Calendar Competition 2021


Without a formal education, it is crucial to pick tutors, who can help help an artist develop an artistic vision and required skill. There is always an opportunity to grow.

  • Life drawing (human figure) – Andrej Dugin, Freie Kunstschule Stuttgart
  • Portraits in Watercolor (6-week online course, part-time) – Polina Ishkhanova
  • Drawing Portraits 3.0 (10-week online course, part-time) – Polina Ishkhanova
  • Mini-courses with several artists (Nadja Leutloff, Eugenia Kostikova, Anastasia Petriaeva)


  • Phonk Magazin (German) – 06/23 – read here

Favorite Literature

As an autodidact, you rely on your own judgment when it comes to literature to learn from. I’d like to share some useful and/or inspiring literature which I collected along the way, in no specific order. My own preference is books where the authors share their thoughts or general ideas rather than step-by-step instructions.